Sunday, May 06, 2012

I was recently asked by a Creationist:

"And if DNA is your proof of evolution, then do we have a common an ancester with the nematode which shares a 75% DNA compatibility with humans?

My response:

"Absolutely, we are related to nematodes. We are all from the animal kingdom. They are from a distant branch without backbones, we are from a branch where all the animals have gill slits, a post anal tail, a nerve cord and a notchord(backbone). Of course you can give reasoning that a creationist would disagree with, but that does not make it factual. We can all disagree about what monster is in my closet...vampire, werewolf, witch, devil etc. I'd rather open the door in a public forum and have everyone see what is actually there rather than debate what we all believe is there. Good science does that and the scientific community rewards those who can point out science's own errors which advances our understanding of what we know as fact. They are called Nobel Prizes. Many scientists have been we continue our quest for reality!