Sunday, February 06, 2011

I remember my 7th birthday party sleepover as if it were yesterday. In 1973, Atlanta's Superstation TBS came to Great Falls, and we just got cable. Butch, Tim, Mal, Curt, Richard and I were watching Pro Wrestling! It was this night we came to the revelation was fake ...scripted and not real! I felt so cheated! How could I fall for something so obvious? Hey, I was 7, gimme a break!

Why did it take me almost 37 more years "see the obvious" about Pro Football, Pro Basketball, and Pro Baseball. But I digress...Can't wait for the SUPERBOWL! The commercials are sooooo funnnny!!...and Maybe I'll see a boob during half-time! If I do not spend the whole day watching...I'll have nothing to talk about tomorrow!

The script has already been see how the Superbowl will play out before you spend 4 hours of your Sunday watching the pretend drama goto: